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About Us

Stellar Career College has been devoted to creating a learning environment that encompasses industry-relevant skill-building, rewarding careers, and hands-on real-world training. We foster our inclusivity, assistance, and accessibility as our core principles

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Accessible, Affordable, And Hands-On Training

Accessible, Affordable, and Hands-On Training

At Stellar Career College, we understand the requirements of students vary and our skilled staff listens to every concern. We try to meet the diverse needs of students by offering a combination of convenient learning through hybrid modes, financial aid, and competitive skill building. Stellar Career College Indiana is committed to offering a better way to achieve your career goals

We are the Guiding Light on Your Path to Success

Our Philosophy

Stellar Career College Indiana strives to prepare students with applicable and competitive healthcare, cybersecurity, and supply chain management skills by offering a professional environment with hands-on practical training. We further aim to lift excessive financial burdens, make education accessible, and provide career advice to our graduates.

Our History

From Computer Tutor, founded in 1986 to Computer Tutor Business & Technical Institute in 2002 and ultimately, coming under the CEOship of Dr. Zulfiqar A Satti in 2017, today’s Stellar Career College has come a long way with the aim to produce skilled professionals catering to industry’s needs.

Financial Aid

Pursuing a career in healthcare, information systems and cybersecurity, and supply chain management can bring financial challenges. We understand it can be worrisome for passionate and enthusiastic students to balance funds allocation for tuition fees and other expenses with quality learning. 

Our Mission

Stellar Career College’s mission is to consistently provide high-quality education and motivation in a good learning environment. Our main concern at our technical school is the well-being and education of our students and employees. We are working together to develop talented individuals and a successful trade school to meet the requirements of our society.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to equip students with industry-relevant knowledge of healthcare, cybersecurity, and supply chain management, without any discrimination of gender, race, and nationality.

We aspire to extend our footprint beyond California, Illinois, and Indiana, to foster nationwide intake. With our dedication to providing learners with skills suited to numerous industries, we pave their way to a successful career in a dynamic market.

The Chairmanship Hierarchy

Lenore Hughes


R. George Rawe


Mr. Rawe


Dr. Zulfiqar A Satti


Our Successful Alumnis

Our classrooms have seen freshmen transform into successful graduates, embarking on a journey of professional growth and securing prominent positions in the industry. Here are some of our alumni who have achieved remarkable educational milestones.

Our Accreditation and Licensing

Stellar Career College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). In addition, the Crown Point location is approved by the “Indiana Commission for Higher Education”.