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in Vascular Sonography Technologist

Program Overview

Vascular Sonography is a noninvasive ultrasound technique to diagnose vascular disorders inside the human body. At Stellar Career College, our vascular sonography certificate programs Indiana prepare students to use high-frequency ultrasound machines to visualize blood flow through vessels. The Advanced Diploma in Vascular Sonography Technologist will also take you through different skill-building processes like result evaluation, patient satisfaction, test recording, information updating, enhanced communication skills, and assisting doctors in treatment and supervision.  
Stellar Career College’s Advanced Diploma in Vascular Sonography Technologist is a fourteen-month program encompassing skill-building in medical imaging techniques. This 54-quarter credit hour course will further upskill you in accordance with Quality Control (QC) standards, patient safety protocols, and equipment maintenance.

Program Learning Outcomes

The specialized Diploma in Vascular Sonography Technologist aims to train you with basic and fundamental knowledge of conducting vascular ultrasounds. In addition, this program also offers a real-world extensive clinical experience.

The students of this program will:

  • Assist in monitoring blood flow to organs and tissues throughout the body
  • Locate and identify blockages (stenosis) and abnormalities such as plaque or emboli
  • Assist in devising of effective treatment for cardiovascular anomalies
  • Identify & detect Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) in the major veins of the patient’s arms or legs
  • Determine whether a patient is a suitable candidate for cardiovascular blockage treatment procedures like angioplasty
  • Examine the success of blood vessel grafting or bypass procedures
  • Determine the presence of an enlarged artery (aneurysm) and evaluate varicose veins

Program Career Opportunity 

At Stellar Career College, the Diploma in Vascular Sonography program prepares students for a variety of potential job possibilities that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Vascular Technologist – Sonography
  2. Technologist-Ultrasound/Vascular
  3. Cardiovascular Imaging Technologist
  4. Vascular Sonographer
  5. Diagnostic Sonographer
  6. Vascular/Echo Ultrasound Technologist
  7. Pediatric Vascular Technologist
  8. Special Imaging Technologist Interventional Cardiology
  9. PRN Sonographer/ Ultrasound Technologist
  10. Ultrasonographer – Diagnostic Services
  11. Vascular Laboratory Technologist

Program Course Breakdonw

The Diploma In Vascular Sonography Technologist Program will include the following courses:

  • Technical Courses 54 Quarter Credit Hours

Program Class Schedule 

Weekly Orientation Schedule: 

Monday: 3 PM (virtual)
Tuesday: 11 AM (virtual)
Wednesday: 3 PM (virtual)
Thursday: 11 AM (virtual)
Friday: 10 AM (virtual)

Class Timings:

Mondays 5:00 – 9:00 PM

Wednesdays 5:00 – 9:00 PM

Thursdays 5:00 – 9:00 PM

Admission for all the Programs is Now Open!

Required On-Campus Orientation: Week of May 27th, 2024

Meet the Faculty: Week of June 24th, 2024

First Day of Classes: Week of July 29th, 2024

Program Admission Requirements 

Any day of the week is applicable for students’ enrollment. The applicant will be notified about the next start date after their enrollment. Applicants for admission into the Diploma in Vascular Sonography Technologist must have scored 30 credit hours and submit an Associate Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree, or a higher degree.

Applicants are required to submit the following documents for admission:

  • High school diploma
  • General Education Diploma (GED)
  • College transcript
  • Equivalent certificate


  • Applicants must fill out and sign an enrollment agreement that outlines their obligations toward the institute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With Stellar Career College’s Diploma in Vascular Sonography Technologist you can qualify as an expert ultrasound technician in a span of 14 months.
After completing vascular sonography programs, you can pursue a career as a Technologist-Ultrasound/Vascular, Cardiovascular Imaging Technologist, Vascular Sonographer, or various other job placements.
For admission into Stellar Career College, a minimum of 30 college credits or equivalent are required, otherwise, applicants must take Stellar’s Placement Test.
Yes, Stellar Career College offers both virtual classes and practical clinical learning through on-campus sessions that take place once or twice a week.
Yes, Stellar Career College offers financial aid for hybrid programs; however, availability is subject to eligibility criteria and region of application.
  Program Overview
  Program Learning Outcomes
  Program Career opportunity
  Program Course Breakdown
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  Program Admission Requirements
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Campus Life

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Course Duration

Duration :

14 Months

30 Semesters :

45 Quarter Credits :

College Credits :

Quarter Credit Hours :