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Bachelor of Science (B.S)in Logistics, Warehousing, and Supply Chain Management

Program Mission

The Bachelor Of Science (B.S) In Logistic, Warehousing And Supply Chain Management aims to prepare students to have a fundamental understanding of supply chain and operations, including international and domestic logistics, distribution, warehouse, inventory management. They will understand supply chain functions, such as inbound and outbound logistics, transportation, physical distribution, warehousing (pick, pack, put away), and financial controls. 
Learners of logistics, warehousing and supply chain management degree will also learn about operations functions, such as strategic sourcing, procurement, sales and operations and manufacturing (raw materials to finished goods). Graduates will focus on understanding the total cost of ownership and efficient delivery of goods and services to the customer.

Program Description

Stellar College’s Associate Degree in Logistics, Warehousing and Supply Chain Management will teach learners to identify the value chain and critical processes involved in efficiently and timely delivering products or services to achieve high customer satisfaction. This 90-quarter credit hour will enable you to qualify as an expert in supply chain management. In addition, you will be qualified to serve as business analysts, logisticians, supply chain supervisors, or as a manager in logistics, warehouses, or buyers.

The Bachelor Of Science (B.S) In Logistic, Warehousing And Supply Chain Management at Stellar Career College is designed to expose students to a holistic understanding of the supply chain industry. Our program will prepare you with industry-relevant entry-level expertise to enter the workforce and excel in your role. Furthermore, you will also be able to work in alliance with established businesses.

Program Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Bachelor Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Warehousing graduates will:

  • Have the skills and competencies to manage organizations, methods, and processes used in supply chain management
  • Understand organizations, methods, and processes to move goods and services required to meet customer needs in a cost-effective and reliable manner
  • Have a working knowledge of what makes a quality supply chain management vital to organizations
  • Understand the concept of waste reduction in relation to logistics, warehousing 
  • Improve supply chain management
  • Learn the basics of data analytics as a relevant tool in supply chain management
  • Review and fulfill customer demand
  • Work with other functions, in operations and supply chain to identify raw materials and product replenishment

Program Career Opportunity

At Stellar Career College, the warehousing, bachelor in logistics and supply chain management, and warehousing prepares students for a variety of placements. The potential job possibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Logistics Management Specialist 
  • Supply Chain Planner 
  • Contract Manager
  • Associate Director, Logistics
  • Operational Key Account Manager
  • Inventory Control Associate
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Director of Business Development- Supply Chain Solutions
  • Logistics Value Optimization Analytics Engineer
  • Sales Manager, Technical Solutions

Course Breakdown

Associate Degree in Cybersecurity and Information Systems Encompasses the Following Courses

Courses Credit Hours 
General Education Courses45 Quarter Credit Hours
Technical Courses 108 Quarter Credit Hours
Logistics and Transportation Concentration27 Quarter Credit Hours
Warehousing and Distribution Concentration27 Quarter Credit Hours
Supply Chain Management Distribution Concentration27 Quarter Credit Hours
Total 90 Quarter Credit Hours

Class Schedule 

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Admission Requirements 

  1. Enrollment is open for students on any day of the week. They will also be notified about the start date after confirmation of their registration.
  1. You must submit a high school diploma, General Education Diploma (GED), a college transcript, or an equivalent certificate.


Applicants must sign an enrollment agreement that outlines their obligations toward the institute.

Entrance Assessment 

For admission to Associate Degree in Logistics, Warehousing and Supply Chain Management, applicants must take and pass the following mandatory assessment tests:

  1. Stellar Career College Learning Management Orientation Completion Test
  2. Stellar Career College Digital Literacy Test.

Note: The tests are free to prospective students. Applicants can take these tests online or at Stellar Career College Indiana campus as an on-site test. However, they will have to make an appointment before arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With Stellar Career College’s Associate Degree in Logistics, Warehousing and Supply Chain Management, you can qualify as an expert in a span of 15 – 21 months.
After completing an associate degree in logistics and warehousing, and supply chain management, you can pursue a career as logistics management specialist, supply chain planner, contract manager, and seek other job placements.
There is no such requirement, however, you will have to take our Learning Management Orientation Completion and Digital Literacy Test either way for enrollment.
Yes, Stellar Career College offers both virtual classes and practical clinical learning through on-campus sessions that take place once or twice a week.
Yes, Stellar Career College offers financial aid for hybrid programs; however, availability is subject to eligibility criteria and region of application.
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Course Duration

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30 Semesters :

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45 Quarter Credits :

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Quarter Credit Hours :